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Not only do we have the World’s Best Zebras for sale.
We also have a variety of exotic animals for sale.
Camels, Deer, Kangaroo, Watusi Cattle, Zebu Cattle,
Large Cats and more. If you can Dream it, we can get it!

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"Zebras R Us is a full service animal company"

Why Buy From Zebras R Us

Here at Zebras R Us our reputation supersedes itself. Our Zebras are handled by a professional Zebra Trainer Dominique Ferraro. Our Zebras go through a Friendship Training Program which exposes them to everything you can imagine, where they learn to coincide with daily activity and learn a good foundation. We always have young babies and adult breeding stock for sale. We do NOT pull Zebra babies unless requested. Once you purchase a Zebra or Exotic through Zebras R Us you become a part of our Zebras R Us family, where you will receive customer support and friendship. So come join us on a wild adventure...