Zorses For Sale


Zorse is a hybrid cross. The most common cross is a Horse Mare bred to a Male Zebra. The outcome is sterile like a mule. The animals are very hard to breed for and to get. Making them rare and very sought after. We come across them occasionally. If there are none listed at the moment, check in with us and we might be able to find you one. They are similar to training a mule.

Beautiful 11 year old Zorse mare for sale 15 hands tall. Very gentle and sweet. Easy to handle. Great in a pasture with other animals. She is loving and is kind to children. Easy to catch. This is a very sweet girl. She is not broke to ride. But halter broke and trailers great. She is a wonderful addition to WOW people at your family farm. We can arrange shipping anywhere. Good approved home a must. $3200.00